About Us

Valiant Specialty Finishing located in Rock Hill, SC
began business June 2014.

The partners have a vast and varied background in the textile industry. Skilled in textile finishing/textile chemistry/industrial engineering/development/sourcing on the operations side and fabric merchandising/design/sourcing/marketing on the sales and design side.

Combined, we provide a comprehensive knowledge of the workings of the textile and products industries.  Our goal is to create foundational relationships with whomever we partner with in business.

Responsiveness, communication, ethics and an eye towards the success of each product processed or created.  Understanding that the best textile finishing is a combination of art and science. Our goal is stand out as an exemplary and innovative provider of solutions for your products.

Along with traditional textile finishing, discover the unique processes and ideas we can provide.

Market Served

Valiant Specialty Finishing serves the following markets:

  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Apparel
  • Filtration
  • Home Furnishings
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality


Valiant Specialty Finishing Capabilities are as followed:

Environmental Sensibility

VSF is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. From reduction in material waste to utilizing earth friendly chemistry. We work with our customers to focus on what we can do as a part of the supply chain to be sensible in the types and amounts of packaging materials reusing and repurposing products that once were headed to landfills. If you can offer better ways for us to improve, please don’t hesitate to send your suggestions our way!